Reviews a great resource for ordering poultry online, with small minimum order quantities, and a safe arrival guarantee to anywhere in the United States, we offer the backyard poultry farmer the option of placing a smaller order to accompany their needs. Additionally, we offer high quality poultry at reasonable prices. We consistently receive positive reviews from our customers, and we thought we would share some of these reviews with you:

- "I purchased the duck maintainer to switch my duckling over from chick starter feed when he was about 4 weeks old. I gradually mixed this feed with the chick starter until I had fully switched him to the maintainer. He loves it, and showed a lot of interest in it from the first day I offered it to him. I also really like how all the supplements necessary for ducklings (niacin!!!) are already added into this food so there is no need for me to continue adding brewers yeast to prevent him from being bow legged. Most of all, its extremely convenient that this feed is available in a 10 lb bag instead of 25-50 lbs only, which is much more than I need and would be a huge waste. Thank you, I will definitely be ordering more!"

- "I have mallard ducklings in my yard annually. In short, the journey to a pond is not survivable so I have opted to help the hen nurture them for a period of about one month after which we relocate the family intact to a local pond where they successfully brood. This year I purchased the baby duckling starter feed from and they loved it! As well, these ducklings were the strongest and best-developed of all of my clutches. After 3 weeks I transitioned them to the maintainer feed. If I have another clutch next year, I most definitely will be getting feed from! The ducklings thank you!"

- "I ordered 4 hatchlings and got them on May 3rd in the middle of a heat wave. But baby chicks like to be warm, so not a problem. They are now almost 3 weeks old, growing fast, getting plumage and combs, eating well and seem eager to get out and do some serious bug hunting. I think I have 3 females and a little rooster that seems to be lagging behind the girls a bit in size, but he's just as playful and active as they are. So far, so good. They certainly have vigor and are strong, healthy and fun-loving. I am pleased with my little R.I.Reds."

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