Best Summertime Chicken Breeds

Summer is officially here! And on that note, we would like to provide our recommendations for chicken breeds that stay cooler in summertime temperatures, and maintain quality and consistent egg laying capabilities when the weather is hot. Also, we'd like to share some tips on keeping your chickens healthy in the summertime.

In general, chicken breeds that are smaller can stay cooler in summertime weather better than larger breeds. Chickens that have fewer or lighter weight feathers can handle the hot temperatures better because they can cool down faster than larger breeds with more feathers. Also, chicken breeds that originate from Countries with hot climates will generally maintain quality egg laying capabilities in the summertime.

Best Chicken Breeds for Summer

1) White Leghorn Chicken- The white leghorn stays cooler in the summer better than most other breeds due to its white color and small size. The white leghorn is a smaller chicken breed, weighing approximately 5 pounds (lbs), which makes it easier for this breed to stay cooler in the summertime. Additionally, the white leghorn chicken breed originates from Italy, making this breed accustomed the very hot Mediterranean summer temperatures. The white leghorn is also one of the best egg laying chicken breeds, laying large white eggs.

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