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White Sultan Chicken

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A rare and highly sought after garden chicken!
Breed: White Sultan
Availability: Available April 2019

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The White Sultan chicken is a originated in Turkey. The white sultan chicken has always been primarily ornamental, having been kept in the gardens. White sultan chickens are typically bred for as competition show birds and are one of the rarest backyard chicken breeds. 

The breed was first exported in the late eighteen hundreds from England. The white sultan chicken breed was later recognized in the Americas in the late eighteenth century. 

White sultan chickens have a unique plumage with large crests and beards, long tails, and fluffy foot feathering. Sultans are also one of a minority of breeds to have five toes on each foot, making them a unique chicken breed.

White sultan chickens lay small white eggs infrequently, and do not generally have broody temperament. They are friendly chickens, perfect for your backyard. 

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