Speckled Sussex Chicken

Speckled Sussex Chicken

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Breed:Speckled Sussex
  • Origin: England
  • Egg Color: Brown
  • Egg Size: Large
  • Production: Good 4 / Week
  • Bird Size: Heavy 7 - 9 lbs
  • Personality: Active, calm, fairly easygoing, easily handled

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Speckled sussex chickens are a dual purpose breed that originating in England. They are a popular backyard chicken breed in many countries. The Sussex chicken is graceful with a long, broad, flat back and a rectangular build, the tail should be at a 45 degree angle from the body. The eyes are red in the darker varieties but orange in the lighter one and they sport a medium sized, single, erect comb. The earlobes are red and the legs and skin white in every variety. Cocks weigh approx 9 lbs, and the hens 7 lbs. They are a rare chicken breed. The feathers of the Speckled variety all have a mix of mahogany and black with white tips. Sometimes the amount of white increases as the bird moults each year. This is the most common variety in the USA.

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