Salmon Faverolle

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Salmon Faverolles are well adapted both to confinement or free range
Breed: Salmon Faverolle
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The Salmon Faverolle is a french chicken breed developed in the 1860s in north-central France.

Salmon Faverolles are classified as a heavy breed and have beards, feathered feet, and five toes per foot, rather than the usual four. Faverolles are well adapted both to confinement or free range. When battery cages began to be used at the very beginning of the twentieth-century, Salmon Faverolle tolerated the close confinement better than the Houdan breed. Faverolles was the primary breed that produced eggs for the Paris market during the early part of the century. Although primarily kept today as an ornamental and exhibition breed, it remains an excellent layer, as well as a fine meat chicken.

The most common color of the Salmon Faverolle is Salmon. The plumage of salmon females is mainly brown and creamy white. The males are darker, with black, brown, and straw-colored feather

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