Rouen Ducklings

Rouen Ducklings

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Rouen Ducks- Great Property Birds
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Rouen ducks are probably the second most popular breed in North America. They are very beautiful and closely resemble wild Mallards in coloration. The original breed was developed in the Normandy area of France and was given the name Rouen after the city of Rouen. They are second to only Pekins and Muscovy in size and are said to have the most flavorful meat. We have sold our Rouens in the past to growers that have a very specialized meat market. The Rouen is very calm and has a fairly lean carcass. Some people call Rouens Mallards but that is incorrect as Mallards fly quite easily and Rouens do not. A Rouen is at least three times the weight of a Mallard. There are two types of rouen ducks, the show type and the non-show type. We have the non-show type Rouen ducks. The nonshow Rouens are good foragers and can produce fine quantities of fertile eggs. The show type Rouen ducks were developed in England and are larger and have a deep keel (a fold of skin that runs from the base of their neck down their abdomen that almost drags on the ground). In addition, the show type Rouen duck do not lay nearly as many eggs and are less active and fertile.

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