Rare Chicken Breed Highlight- The Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken
We would like to introduce you to a new chicken breed now offered at californiahatchery.com, the The Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken. Backyard chicken enthusiasts that treasure rare chicken breeds will appreciate this breed for its unique plumage and magnificent foraging and free ranging capabilities. The Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken is truly a splendor for any backyard flock. Originating from Egypt, this breed can be traced throughout history as a favorite within the Mediterranean, having an exceptional tolerance for hot weather and the Mediterranean climate. The Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken lays an abundance of small white eggs and is an excellent selection to highlight your flock. 
The Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken is a smaller chicken breed, with a typical female weight of approximately 3 lbs and males have a typical weight of 4 lbs. This breed is unique due to its transcending color, with darker feathers towards the bottom which cascade to white towards the top. Additionally, the tail feathers on the Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken have a fan shape that makes this breed truly original with a more slender body. This color scheme makes this breed stand out from the rest of the flock to be noticed by friends and fellow backyard chicken enthusiasts alike. 

The Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken is a specialty chicken breed among many other rare chicken breeds for sale at californiahatchery.com. If you are interested in adding this unique breed to your flock, californiahatchery.com offers a safe arrival guarantee, with a minimum order of just 3 day old chicks.

- Happy Chickening!