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Pekin Ducklings

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Yellow as Ducklings, White as Adults
Breed: Pekin
Availability: Typically Ships in 2 to 4 Weeks

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Pekin Ducks are the most common domestic duck, and they make great pet ducks! The adults are pure white and the ducklings are a cute yellow. The Pekin duck is from Chinese descent, but has been developed as an American duck. The pekin duck was originally brought over to America from China and England in the 1870's.

Pekin ducks have an upright posture and a full body to accompany tail feathers that turn upright on the ends. Their bill, shanks, and feet are deep yellow or orange free from black spots; the eyes are dark; their plumage is light white.

If you have questions about raising pekin ducksjust ask us!

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