Muscovy Ducklings

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Muscovy Duck Breed
Breed: muscovy
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Feature: Origin: South America and Mexico

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Muscovy ducks are a large duck breed naturally found in South America and Mexico with males reaching nearly 2.5 ft in length, and females ranging nearly half the size of males. The muscovy duck typically has black and white feather patterns, with a distinct bills ranging from black to a light yellow color. The breed is distinct bills, making them truly unique and highly sought breeds capable of backyard foraging in tropical climates as well as temperatures as cold at 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The muscovy duck breed is popular as a backyard forager with limited flight instincts as they typically will not travel long distances. While the muscovy has truly spectacular foraging abilities, they are known for their aggressive behavior, with males exhibiting aggression over terrority and food. Muscovies are sold "straight run" only. 

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Typically Ships in 2 to 4 Weeks
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