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All chickens, ducklings, goslings, and game birds are shipped the day they hatch, with the exception of the turkey poults and mandarin duck pairs. Ducklings and chicks will be 1-3 days old upon arrival. Californiahatchery.com allows customers to request specific hatching and shipping dates for their order at checkout. However, californiahatchery.com reserves the right to modify and change the hatching and shipping date for any order at any time for any reason. We will notify the customer via email when such changes are made. By placing and order at californiahatchery.com, the customer agrees that the hatching and shipping date of their order is subject to change based on availability, and the customer requested hatching and shipping date may be different than the actual hatching and shipping date for their order.Additionally, we reserve the right to remove or add additional breeds ordered to meet the quantity of your order when specific breeds are not available on the date of your scheduled hatch.