Guidelines for Raising Baby Chicks
Before you receive your day old chicks or ducklings from, there are a few things you should have ready:

1) A heating lamp and brooder area- The heating lamp temperature should change according as your chicks grow. Follow the heating lamp temperature guidelines below to provide optimal temperature for your chicks: 

Week 1: 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit
Week 2: 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit
Week 3: 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit
Week 4: 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit
Week 5,6,7: 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit
Week 8: 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit
Week 9: 65 degrees Fahrenheit

The heating lamp should be placed 12-18 inches above the floor of the heating area. Some signs that your heat is too low- Your chicks will huddle together in the brooder. If the temperature is too high, your chicks may be dispersed throughout the heating area, and they may look tired. If the temperature is set correctly, your chicks will be evenly dispersed throughout the heating area, and they will look lively while making lots of peeping sounds!

2) Fresh water should always be made available to your chicks or ducklings

3) Non-medicated organic starter feed (offered through

4) A stable surface (preferably with wood chips) for your chicks or ducklings to move upon. Make sure to clean the brooder area at least twice a day

Additionally, please make sure your chicks are in a closed location not accessible to natural predators, keeping your peeping chicks safe at all times.