French Blue Bresse

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Blue Bresse Chickens- Originating from France- 3 Chick Minimum
Breed: French Blue Bresse Chicken
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The Blue Bresse chicken breed is an extravagant breed, with bright colors and sharp features, known as the most delicious chicken breed for its high quality meat as a dual purpose breed. Originating from france, the bresse chicken breed has blue legs and bold red combs with accentual features, making them a truly unique rare chicken breed and a favorite in France. The Bresse chicken breed is named after its origin from the small town of Louhans France, however, they are only 5% of them are exported from France each year. We offer Bresse chickens lawfully imported from the highest quality flocks to add international flare to your backyard flock. We offer free shipping on all breese chicken breeds (Minimum of at least 3 breese chickens).

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