Feed and Nutrition for Ducks
Feed and Nutrition for Ducks 
Young ducklings require water, carbohydrates, and protein in order to survive before and after they are delivered to you. In order to provide proper nutrition for your ducklings during shipment, we recommend orderering Gro-Gel which we will include for your ducklings to eat while in transit.

What is Gro-Gel?
Gro-Gel is a special formula that has a jello-like consistency with a vibrant green color, designed for day old ducklings to enhance the development of their immune and gastrointestinal systems. It is prepared and attached to a plastic trough during shipment, so that your ducklings can receive proper nutrition during shipment. Gro-Gel will hydrate and provide nutrition to your ducklings during shipment. Gro-Gel contains grains, proteins, fish-by products, vitamins, and amino acids. Gro-Gel will reduce the stresses of shipping and travel for your ducklings.

Gro-Gel can be added to your order of ducklings during checkout. We recommend ordering 1 pack for every six ducklings in your order.

What to Feed Day Old Ducklings?
After your ducklings arrive, feed them duck starter feed to provide proper nutrition. Duck starter feed should contain the right amounts of proteins and vitamins. Plan on ten ducklings eating about a pound of duck starter feed per day. Make sure to always provide water for your ducklings as well.

What to Feed Young Ducks?

After your ducklings are 4 weeks old, we recommend transitioning to duck maintainer feed. Duck maintainer feed should be slowly added to duckling starter feed for the first week to make the transition from duck starter to duck maintainer feed. Duck maintainer feed should be fed to your ducklings until they start laying eggs, once your ducklings start laying you should transition to duck mash feed.

What to Feed Adult Ducks?
Duck mash feed should be fed to your ducks as soon as they start laying eggs. You may also supplement duck mash feed with calcium or osyster shell supplement depending on the density of the egg shells your ducklings are laying.

Duck feed for ducks of all ages can be purchased at californiahatchery.com!