Some of our favorite chicken breeds the the barred rock chicken, easter egger chicken, and the buff orpington chicken. Each one of these chicken breeds offers a unique characteristic!

The Barred Rock Chicken originated in Holland and lays large dark brown eggs about three (3) times per week. The barred rock chicken has a friendly and calm personality and a greyish "rock like" coloring  making them a popular backyard chicken breed in the United States. The barred rock chicken has a friendly personality and can be housed with any other breed of chicken.

Barred Rock Chicken Breed

(Pictured Above: Barred Rock Chicken Breed)

The Easter Egger Chicken lays blue and green colored eggs about four (4) times per week. The easter egger chicken is a small breed that originates from the United States. This breed is very active and friendly, making it a top choice for backyard chicken flock owners. The easter egger breed has been bred to lay their uniquely colored eggs which is the reason this breed is refered to as the easter egger chicken breed.

The Buff Orpington Chicken originates from England and lays large brown colored eggs about three (3) times per week. The buff orpington is a favorite breed for many backyard chicken owners due to their appearance, as they have been bred as a show bird rather than for utility purposes. Their docile and friendly personalities make them easily adaptable to live with other chicken breeds!

Buff Orpington Chicken Breed

(Pictured Above: Buff Orpington Chicken Breed)