Chickens for Eggs- Best Egg Laying Chickens
The best egg laying chicken breeds will generally lay five (5) or more eggs per week, have a high tolerance for laying conditions, and provide high quality eggs. We would like to provide our customers with a list of our most popular egg laying chickens that produce high quality eggs. 

1) Delaware chicken- This breed will usually lay four (4) large brown eggs per week depending on conditions. The breed originates from the United States and will provide a calm and friendly demeanor as one of your backyard chickens.

2) Rhode Island Red Chicken- The Rhode Island Red chicken breed typically lays five (5)extra-large brown eggs per week. This is by far one of our most popular egg laying breeds. This breed is calm and easily handled as part of your backyard chicken flock.

3) White Leghorn chicken- This breed will lay about four (4) large white eggs per week of excellent quality. They are an active and energetic breed that will add some personality to your backyard flock! We highly recommend the white leghorn chicken as one of your primary white egg laying chicken breeds.

4) Golden Buff chicken- This breed has an excellent egg production with about five (5) large brown eggs per week. The golden buff breed is quiet and more contemporary, having a pleasant and calm personality. They are one of our beast brown egg laying producing breeds, and we highly recommend them.

5) Black Jersey Giant chicken- While this breed may not lay the largest quantity of eggs, it will lay some of the largest brown eggs you will ever find! The black jersey giant has a reputation for being a large, calm and gentle breed. The black jersey giant chicken is a gentle breed that can sometimes exceed eight (8) lbs in weight! It will make an excellent addition your backyard chicken flock, and it will get along well with other breeds.