Brooder Box

Brooder Box

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In just five minutes, and you are ready to set your chicks inside! This chick box is designed to eliminate stress in young birds. The patent-pending inwardly-sloping walls supply plenty of evenly-distributed heat, fresh air and light.

(Box does not include heating lamp or bulbs, it is intended solely to provide heating insulation for chicks)


One: Unfold the origami-design Chick Box.
Two: Insert the tight-fitting floor insert.
Three: Set up the clamp lamp, feeders, waterers and litter.
Four: Set your chicks inside the box.
Five: Your ready to raise your baby chicks in a comfortable environment!

Weight/Unit: Less than 5 pounds

Pallet Weight w/Pallet Wrap: Approximately 40  pounds

Side Handles/Tight-Fitting Floor Insert: Ease of Transportability

VC3 Water-Treated Cardboard: Prevents Delamination

Thirty-Six Chicks/Box: Standard, One-Half Square Foot/Chick

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