Broiler and Turkey Energy Vital-Pack

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Broiler and Turkey Energy Vital-Pack
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Broiler and Turkey Energy Vital-Pack

The Broiler and Turkey Energy Vital-Pack contains water soluble vitamins and electrolytes to help rejuvenate your day old broiler and turkey poults after shipping. Simply add to your day old broiler or turkey poult water supply to provide immediate energy. Additionally, this vital pack may promote bone strength and heart function in your broilers and turkey poults.

Directions: Add 1/10 of a teaspoon for each gallon of water. Empty remaining solution at the end of each day and replace with clean water.
Recommended use for day old chicks: Each day for the first week. 
Recommended use for juvenile and adult chickens: Once per week.
4oz packet will make approximately 250 gallons of solution.

Guaranteed Analysis per lb:
- Vitamin A- 16,000,000 IU
- Vitamin D3- 3,000,000 ICU
- Vitamin E- 20,000 IU
- Vitamin K- 8,000 mg
- d-Pantothenate Acid- 16,000 mg
- Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)- 20,000 mg
- Riboflavin- 2,000 mg
- Thiamine Hcl- 1,200 mg
- Folic Acid- 500 mg
- Biotin- 75 mg
- Citric Acid- 30%
- Potassium- 14.48%
- Sodium- 5.58%

Net Weight 4oz (112 kg)

Note: This product must be purchased with day old broilers or turkey poults, not available for individual shipping. 

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