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Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

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The Wyandotte is a medium sized bird with a rose comb and clean legs.
Breed: Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
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The Wyandotte is a chicken breed originating in the United States. The first examples of the breed appeared in 1870s. Wyandottes are a docile, dual-purpose breed kept for their brown eggs and for meat. They appear in a wide variety of color patterns, and are popular show birds. The Wyandotte lays pale brown or tan eggs and usually has a white ring of feathers around its neck. Wyandotte hens are devoted mothers.

The Wyandotte is a medium sized bird with a rose comb and clean legs. The chicken feathers are broad and loosely fitting. The area around the vent is very fluffy. The legs are yellow, although some silver laced may have grey.

The Wyandotte is a breed that suits both free range and confinement in a run. Hens occasionally become broody. They are also very vocal, uttering soft clucks on a regular basis.

The breed has been noted for being incredibly friendly, and combined with their easy maintainability are a favorite with those new to raising chickens

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