Black Jersey Giant Chicken

Black Jersey Giant Chicken

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Breed:Black Jersey Giant
  • Origin: United States
  • Egg Color: Brown
  • Egg Size:Extra Large
  • Production: Good 3/week
  • Bird Size: X-Large 8+ lbs
  • Personality: Calm, gentle, easily handled

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The Jersey Giant is a breed of chicken originating in the USA iin the late 19th century by John and Thomas Black. The intent of the breed was the replace the turkey as the primary meat poultry breed. Named after their origin (New Jersey) and their large size. Jersey Giants are largest purebred chicken breed with cocks  weighing an average 13 lbs. and hens 11 lbs.

The black jersey giant lineage includes were produced by crossing Black javas,, Black langshans, and Dark Brahmas. White Jersey Giants arrived many years later during the year 1947. The Black Jersey Giants are averaging a pound heavier than the White Jersey Giants. For a time, they were raised as broilers by the meat industry, they grow much slower than today's more common meat birds, and are thus not widely used in the industry any longer.

The Black Jersey Giant Chickens lay extra-large brown to dark brown eggs, and lay fairly well for being a large breed. There is also a newer color variation known as the Blue Jersey Giants. Jersey Giants are extremely friendly, as they are good with pets, they like people, and the cocks are rarely aggressive.

5 Stars
beautiful healthy chickens
all 3 chickens arrived quickly,safely,and very healthy. I appreciate the small order, and the care taken to ensure they arrived safely (heating pack, extra bedding, etc.) They are growing like weeds and are shiny and beautiful, very strong and hearty. I highly recommend.
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Reviewed by:  from kentucky. on 3/31/2012
5 Stars
Perky chicks
Order of 15 pullet (chicks) arrived healthy and happy 29 hours from hatch time! They are 3 weeks old now and fine little birds - am happy with my ordering experience and with my little chicks (my first ones ever so dont have anything to compare to)-- also Hatchery helped correct my order and refunded my extra money promptly-- very pleased!
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Reviewed by:  from Nevada City, CA (as well as San Francisco). on 8/1/2012
5 Stars
small farm owner
We've ordered Jersey Giants from Cal. Hatchery twice now. Purchasing is easy, the birds arrived when they were supposed to, they appeared healthy and were well shipped. Our last order was for only 4 birds (3 hens and a rooster, and it's great to have the option to specify exactly what you want). A week or so after arriving, one of the females died. But these things happen. It wasn't on the hatchery. When I need more I'll be ordering from Cal. Hatchery. And I love this breed.
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Reviewed by:  from East Greenwich, RI. on 10/14/2017

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