Ayam Cemani

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Ayam Cemani Day Old Chicks
Breed: Ayam Cemani
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Ayam Cemani chickens are known as the "Lamborghini" of chickens, highly sought for their all black appearance, indeed, they are one of the most exotic chicken breeds available. The Ayam Cemani chicken originates from Indonesia, with black feathers, black skin, and black eyes, the entire chicken is an extravagant shade of black, with shimmering feathers and sharp features. Additionally, the Ayam Cemani chicken is a friendly breed and easy to raise, making them an excellent addition to your backyard flock. 

The Ayam Cemani chicken hens will lay up to 100 light colored large eggs per year, capable of living in a wide range of environments as a hardy breed. Hens will be occasionally broody in nature, which is common among some of the rarer chicken breeds. 

We offer Ayam Cemani day old chicks only, shipping with a minimum order quantity of at least 3 chicks, and a maximum order quantity of 6 chicks. Ayam Cemani chicks are hatched and shipped every week, year round. 

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