American Buff Geese

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American Buff Geese will make your backyard vibrant!
Breed: American Buff
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American Buff Geese
are very similar in appearance to Toulese Geese but are buff, rather than grey. The American Buff Goose and Brecon Buff, side by side are almost identical in appearance but the bill and legs / webs are a bright orange on the Amercian Buff Goose rather than the pink colour found in the Brecon Buff. The American Buff Goose is slightly heavier and the eyes are a slightly different shade of brown.

Little seems to be known about the origins of the American Buff Goose. They are one of the few breeds of Geese to have been developed in America, being standardized in 1947 and entered the British Waterfowl Standards in 1982.

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