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Mallard Ducklings
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Mallard Ducklings
Item Id: Mallard
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Mallard ducks are native to most countries in the Northern Hemispheres. It is thought that all domestic ducks except Muscovy are derived from the wild Mallard duck, or "Greenhead" as some call them. They are a small, flying duck that is hunted widely. Our Mallard ducks retain this excellent flying ability. In addition, they do an excellent job of hatching and raising one or two broods of ducklings a year. Mallard ducks start to fly for short spurts at 10-12 weeks and are flying very well by 16 weeks. It is also at about 14-16 weeks that the males get their beautiful coloring - prior to that both the males and females are similarly colored in shades of brown. We have sold our mallard ducklings as pets, but also for dog training and hunting preserves. We do not ship our started or adult birds through the mail - only the day old mallard ducklings which are hatched every week of the year. If you are close enough to pick them up, or have us deliver them, we can raise our Mallards for your dog trials or hunting preserve. A permit is not needed to own or sell Mallard ducklings. All domestically hatched Mallard ducklings are required to be identified by the US Fish and Game. Our method is to remove a back toe when they hatch. This is an acceptable method by the US Fish and Game and you do not need to do any other marking of our Mallards at any time. This is to show, if you were ever inspected, that the birds were domestically hatched and not "kidnapped" out of a local marsh.
Customer Reviews
Vineyard Manager/Owner
  What can I say, all six of my ducklings arrived on time, and healthy. My instructions to call me upon arrival was followed to the "T" I received my call at 3:15 AM. I have now had them for 10 days and the little guys are growing like weeds. I have daily contact with them at least 6 or more time a day, as I work at home, they give me so much joy! I also loved you video and web site, it made my choice easy when selecting my ducks. Know wonder your number one in my book. Thank You Dennis
  Reviewed by:  Dennis Koplen from Santa Rosa Calif.. on 4/23/2015
  Arrived when i was told they would and now they are happily growing! I love my little ducks! Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Rachael from Kentucky. on 7/13/2012
  Recently ordered 4 Rouen hens, 1 Rouen drake & 2 mallard hens. Arived quickly, all healthy. Happy to have found a closer hatchery
  Reviewed by:  Elaine from Clovis Ca. on 6/25/2012
Mallard ducks
  My ducks came in the day I was told they were healthy little ducklings and they are now three weeks old and playfully. Thanks very much Californiahatchery
  Reviewed by:  Emery Harris from Alabama. on 5/20/2012
I love my baby Mallard!
  Our female baby Mallard arrived exactly when they said she would and I was able to track the package. She was very happy to finally reach her destination and was just as happy as could be when I got her out of the box. She was so excited running all around until she fell asleep in the air when I was holding her. She is adorable and we love her so much! Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Kathleen from Pennsylvania. on 4/24/2012
Thank you!!
  The ducklings came in on time and in perfect condition! They are the cutest things ever, and we all love them so much. Best purchase I have made all year!
  Reviewed by:  Caroline from Boston, Ma. on 4/12/2012
New Mallards
  The new mallards got here the exact date that they were predicted that they would come. They are doing great and everybody is enjoying them. There are no problems and we recommoend the mallard as an excellent pet.
  Reviewed by:  Jules Cate from Columbia South Carolina. on 4/12/2012
Thank You!!!!
  After placing my order for 5 female mallards and 5 males mallards I was immediately sent a confirmation. I was also notified by the post office when my ducklings arrived. Thank you so much!!!
  Reviewed by:  John Marshall from San Francisco, California. on 11/9/2010
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