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Cayuga Ducklings
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Cayuga Ducklings
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Cayuga ducks for sale! Cayugas make great pet ducks! The Cayuga duck breed is thought to have been developed from the wild Black Duck breed in the region of Lake Cayuga in New York. This makes it one of the few duck breeds originating in the United States. Prior to the arrival of the Pekin breed, they were the bird of choice for meat production in the Northeast. Once the Pekin arrived with its white feathers and cleaner appearing carcass, the Cayuga quickly lost its appeal. They remain a very hardy duck and many of their eggs have varying degrees of gray in the shell color. On rare occasions they will lay a pure black egg. Their feather color is very similar to the Black East Indie but records indicate the Cayuga was developed before the Black East Indie. Both have a very brilliant "beetle" green sheen to their feathers. This is especially evident on the head of the male. As they age, however, Cayuga become almost all white after several years. This changing of colors occurs much quicker in females than males. In addition, their black legs turn more orangish in color as they age.
Customer Reviews
  ordered 5 ducklings all arrived safe and sound...thanx much
  Reviewed by:  Wayne Trapp from Antioch,Illinois. on 8/27/2014
  I ordered 7 ducklings and they arrived on time and all churping away. My ducklings are now 2 weeks old, growing fast and healthy. California Hatchery's service was great and the instructions for delivery excellent.
  Reviewed by:  Margaret Marchette from Florida. on 6/24/2012
Cayuga duckling is happy she is home!
  What a beautiful and cute duck! The Cayuga duckling arrived last week and we were so happy to finally meet her after her long journey! She was excited to see her new home but also tired and restless after the long trip. After she ate and had some water she fell asleep. Later on when she woke up I got to play with her and she loves to follow you wherever you go. She is adorable and we love her so much! Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Kathleen from Pennsylvania. on 4/24/2012
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