About Us

"Happy ducklings come from California!"

California Hatchery is your online resource for ordering poultry! We guarantee the safe delivery of your ducklings or chicks to anywhere in the United States! We frequently ship day old ducklings and chicks to the East coast, so please don't hesitate to order your poultry through us. Please let us know if you have questions about placing your order through us.


CaliforniaHatchery.com provides day old ducklings, day old chicks, day old goslings, specialty poultry breeds, and poultry supplies. Our hatchery network enables us to deliver the highest quality poultry to our customers at the best price. Specifically, we are able to offer our day old ducklings nearly year-round. Day old chick and specialty breeds may have seasonal hatching dates because we utilize a network of hatcheries in order to offer a greater variety of chicken breeds to our customers.

Our Customers

CaliforniaHatchery.com supplies poultry to a variety of customers, including:
-Backyard chicken enthusiasts
-Duck enthusiasts
-Hunting and poultry enthusiasts
-Classroom and learning organizations
-Pond and property management services

These are just a few of the kinds of customers we supply poultry to. We have a small minimum order quantity so that we can supply day old ducklings or day old chicks to just about anyone!

Why buy poultry at californiahatchery.com?

We are able to offer you the highest quality poultry at the best price. Most hatcheries will not offer you a safe arrival guarantee. CaliforniaHatchery.com guarantees the safe delivery of your poultry through our safe arrival guarantee! Additionally, we have a small minimum order quantity, so you can order as few as just 3 ducklings or 3 chicks, and they will arrive safely!

Thanks for shopping with us!